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Terminator for Venue Racing with PM4s and PM5s

Terminator for Venue Racing with PM4s and PM5s


Used during wired venue racing with PM4s and/or PM5s, these race terminators are attached in an empty jack in the performance monitor at the end of a race line to improve race system reliability. See more info.

Part sold individually. We recommend purchasing them in quantities of two.

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9,00 € inkl. MwSt.

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What’s a terminator?

When sending signals down long wires, the electrons tend to bounce off the ends of the wire and come back. This creates an interference similar to the reverberation an echo chamber makes, which makes it hard to understand someone speaking. In racing, this can cause problems, especially with long runs of cable. Terminators prevent this reflection to make your venue race system more reliable, similar to sound dampening in a room.

When do I need a terminator?

Whether or not you need a terminator when using PM4s and/or PM5s connected with Ethernet (RJ45) cables depends on the number of indoor rowers/SkiErgs you are attaching to a single Windows computer:

  • 2–12 indoor rowers/SkiErgs: Not generally needed, but it doesn't hurt to use them.
  • 13–24 indoor rowers/SkiErgs: Optional but generally recommended.
  • 25–32 indoor rowers/SkiErgs: Very highly recommended.
  • 33 (Including the “master”) or more: Mandatory.