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Sweep Oarlock Kit for 13mm Pin

Riemendollen (1 Paar) inkl. Anlagebuchsen blau 13mm


One pair of sweep oarlocks with blue pitch bushing sets for 13mm diameter rigger pins. For a pair, order one pair of oarlocks; for a four, two pair of oarlocks; for an eight, four pair of oarlocks.

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38,48 € inkl. MwSt.

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Concept2 oarlocks are designed for easy oar handling with positive stable positioning on both drive and recovery. Replaceable bushings for pitch adjustment and pin fit. Made from unbreakable Supertough nylon with stainless steel gate. Meets FISA standards for oarlock turning diameter. Bushings (included) allow for pitch adjustment anywhere from one to seven degrees.

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